Our Experiences at the Founder Institute

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We are now official graduates of the Founder Institute (the world’s largest startup accelerator)!

As exciting as founding a startup is, the journey is fraught with failure and disappointment. Graduating from the Institute, it would be foolish for us to claim that if we could make it at FI, we could make it anywhere! What the program has done though, is given us a chance to not be just another sobering statistic. We have gone through an amazing program that broke down many of the key elements of a startup from legal, to marketing, to product development, and so on. We have a much better sense of the scope of starting a company, are all the more wiser about the common mistakes, and are much more familiar with best practices of the successful startup.

Thanks to all of our fellow co-founders, all the mentors who gave their valuable time and insights, and our facilitator, Jeanine Jacobson.

The Founder Institute was but the first chapter in what we hope is a long and exciting journey.


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